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Early Childhood Classes

We offer a selection of early childhood performing arts programs specifically designed for little ones.

See below for an explanation of the different sessions or if you already know you want to sign up just fill out this form and we'll be in touch!

Movement & Music

Our “Movement & Music” classes aim to introduce children to a wide range of musical ideas, instruments and ways to move our bodies. The classes aim to be responsive to the children, following their musical interests by connecting them to simple games and songs that will teach principles of harmony, rhythm, sound, texture and form. The movement element of the sessions will be grounded in the fundamentals of yoga, core strength and the development of spatial awareness.

Voice Lessons & Recording

Special one-on-one classes with gentle vocal coaching for emerging voices. Children in this session will learn how to listen to themselves through a microphone and make a recording for Mum & Dad. 

Drama & Story Making Class

Our “Drama and Storymaking” class focuses on team building, emotional self-awareness, literacy, vocabulary and speech development all within the context of a “safe space” for the children to role play social situations, experiment with embodying different characters and create their own stories to be transposed into little theatre pieces. These sessions will be guided by and adapted to the sensibilities of the children in the group, so the outcomes will be variable. As a teacher, I will be drawing on my training in physical theatre, improvised storytelling, the Forum theatre work of Augusto Boal and Linklater Breath and Voicework as well as four years experience as a full time educator of 3-5 year olds.​

Small Group Piano & Voice

This 30 minute class encourages children to explore the patterns of the piano keyboard and different ways to use their voice as an instrument. It leads onto introduction of notes, scales and foundational music theory. These classes are capped at 4 children per session and utilise the electric keyboard at the centre as well as a collection of smaller battery powered keyboards to allow for maximum playing time.

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